[Question] Is it possible to bridge 2 WiFi connections of the same router?

Hello members,
One of our community member is looking to bridge 2 wifi connections which are on the same router. His one network is on 2.6Ghz and other on 5Ghz which gives 50Mbps & 100Mbps respectively. Can we combine these networks for faster speeds? Advance thanks!!

Yes dear, it’s absolutely possible on the condition that one is connected via ethernet(prefer 5ghz router) and one via the wifi (2.4ghz) as buying a wifi adapter of 2.4ghz is easier and cheap. Then just after connecting, as normal, bridge the both. But remember that the closer ur wifi access point, the faster it speed(2.4ghz).
In other way, u need some adapter for ethernet to usb and connect both via ethernet giving u the absolute 150mbps.

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Nice to see your contribution member @Hargunraj_Singh. Your both the suggestions are great. Are you sure it will work?

Yes it would definitely

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Get a wifi extender with Ethernet out… tplink has one… then connect the repeater to 2.4ghz (considering 2.4ghz repeaters are much cheaper) and plug the extender to system via Ethernet… connect the main system with 5ghz (you can swap 5ghz and 2.4ghz as per hardware you have) so basically you have 1 wifi connected, and other Ethernet connected.

Other option : if your mother board has wifi, connect it with one network, get a wifi adapter connect the other wifi with it… you have 2 wifi’s…

Just beware if you are using any speed test application it uses only one network… and the 2 networks mostly work sa compensation rather than addition… basically speed won’t be 150mbps… you need some softwAre solutions to bridge both internet to add up…