[Question] Is it possible to install SSD in any Laptop?


Hello members,

I want to know can i install ssd in replace of hdd in laptop is it possible?

Yes you can do that.

Most laptops with mechanical HDD’s have a 2.5 inch drive. The SSD modules have the same size.

You either need an inbuilt CD/DVD writer that you need to replace with a SSD caddy. Its shaped like the CD drive but can hold a SSD or a HDD for expansion.

if you don’t have it then you can replace your inbuilt HDD with a SSD. its simpler as you don’t need additional hardware.

These run on the SATA interface. The HDD will provide you with a maximum of 130 MB/s transfer speeds. Bootup will be slow and applications will take time to open. A SSD is much much faster and will boot up our laptop in under 10 seconds. Although for the price of a 1 TB HDD

you will merely get a 128GB SSD but hey, SPEED. GOD SPEED. You will immediately notice the difference.

If you don’t have any of it then you laptop definitely has an m.2 or mSATA SDD. These SSD’s are small sticks the size of a large eraser but thinner. You can upgrade the storage on these but not the interface as the connector is soldered on the board.

The last one is the ones ultrabooks (some) and new Macbooks use, the SSD modules are soldered on the motherboard itself. You cant upgrade any part of them.