[Question] Is it worth spending the money on a M.2 SSD rather than buying a SATA SSD?


Hello members,

For gaming or large res photo editing would a m.2 really make a difference. I feel like for the price the need inst there to move that much data at that speed yet. Should I save money and just get a SATA SSD?


If you have a normal gaming usage, then I will recommend you to go for the regular SSD than an M.2 because you will not see any significant difference between them apart from the game loading speed. And also the M.2 cards are much expensive than the traditional storage drives.

But, if you are doing multiple high-end tasks like 4K gaming along with 4K movie streaming, then M.2 will inevitably become a better choice. And if the budget doesn’t worry you much, then you should take advantage of this advanced form factor, especially for the portable systems like laptops.