[Question] Is the GTX 1660 Ti future proof?


Hello members,

I want to use this card for atleast 3 years before upgrading. I dont need games to run with more than 60 fps in 1080p cause thats the limit my monitor has.

To be truly “future proof” you will need a gpu with Raytracing, the weaker gpu with RTX capabilities is the RTX 2060, the RTX 2060 is and will be a good 1080p60fps with raytracing enabled, so that is what you should go for. Otherwise, your GTX 1070/GTX 1660 Ti gpu will be outdated and obsolete this 2020 holidays.

In a few years (1-3 years) there will be DX12 ultimate exclusive titles, and those games will need RTX cappabilities to just run.

My best advice:- wait for RTX 3000 series or RDNA 2.0 this year. Those are the future proof gpus, just like the HD7000 series were all this gen.