[Question] Is Ubuntu run faster than Windows 10?


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I’m going to reinstall an operating system in my computer. I had Windows 10 earlier, and now I’m thinking of using Ubuntu. I haven’t used Ubuntu before, so I have a few doubts.

Does Ubuntu run faster than Windows 10?

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First off Ubuntu is Linux, it’s just one of many distributions of Linux, with that said Linux is faster then windows.There are a few differences, if you have windows on a ssd and Linux on a hard drive then windows boots faster, but if you compare same hardware together then Linux runs faster. Biggest reason is that Linux is lighter weight then windows, it uses far less ram, and it’s less bloated. If you are looking for a user friendly version of Linux then I would recommend Ubuntu.

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Only thing Games …80% gaming companies release games for windows .

You can find mostly software and applications for linux
Which is cross platform programs


First of all this solely depends upon your usage and preference. If you are into gaming, you have no other option than to go with Windows. Even heavy video editing and rendering requires a Windows or Mac at least. But if you want your PC for general stuffs like browsing internet, reading/editing docs, video/audio, programming, a Linux OS is great.
Advantages of Linux:

  • Free of cost and Open-source.
  • Runs pretty well on low system hardware.
  • Linux is highly customizable.
  • Very less security issues as compared to Windows (significantly low risk of virus, malware, adware,etc.
  • Best for Programmers and developers.
  • Performance is significantly fast and better as compared to Windows.

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