[Question] Is UPS really necessary for Gaming PC?

Hello members,

Are UPS still necessary for PC protection like it was needed years ago? Is ups mandatory? (Not the logistics company)…or can the modern modular psu handle the power fluctuations during low voltages and power-cuts?

It’s not only about the voltage problems. If the power fails while you are working on something important, a UPS gives you the time to save your work before switching off. No UPS = unsaved work is lost when the power is lost

In game save files will be corrupted when a power cut happens during saving.

If u have ups inverter at home for household requirement, then separate ups for PC is not required. If not, then separate ups is compulsory.

Pls note it must be ups inverter.

In UPS, the time lag for back up after power cut is 3 to 8 milliseconds.

In inverter, this time lag is about 500 milliseconds.

So ups invertor has less time lag which is required for pc

As for as voltage fluctuations are concerned, home ups inverter handles it automatically. Even ups has voltage fluctuations control mechanism to some extent, but it particularly depends on the type of ups. Typically Line-interactive ups provide full protection against fluctuations than standby ups, but they cost more. Always watch out for complete details before buying ups.

Ups which we normally buy are standby ups, but they are not fool-proof against fluctuations. So it would be better to buy ups inverter for homelight as it will serve dual purpose with slightly more cost than Line-interactive inverter.