[Question] Liquid Metal instead of Thermal Paste


Hello members,

I’ve got liquid metal from my friend and I’m not sure will it be ok to use it instead thermal paste for my R3700x and liquidmaster 240 or should I just go and buy regular paste instead. Never used LM before, but I have heard that you can use it without delidding. Any advice on this one?

Don’t use that between your CPU and cooler. That is designed to be used between the silicone and IHS. If you are not careful you’ll brick your motherboard and possibly CPU and that won’t be covered by your warranty. Historically Ryzen hasn’t benefited from liquid metal nearly as much as Intel from liquid metal. IMO not worth being out the money on that. Der8auer tested delidding Ryzen 3000 with liquidmetal and only dropped about 4 degrees on average.