[Question] M.2 SATA vs M.2 NVMe: Which SSD is better?

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Forgive me if I say this wrong but is there any reason to get a NVME M.2 drive over a SATA M.2 drive if they both have the same transfer speed? It would be for my Alienware Aurora R7 that only has a HDD.

Transfer speeds aren’t the advantage of NVMe over SATA. Total number of operations is. However, unless you’re doing the type of work that benefits from NVMe, it’s kind of a waste of money. NVMe is indeed significantly faster, but only certain types of applications can actually take advantage of that speed. General usage and/or gaming is not one of them.

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It depends on your pc slot, and ssd are not faster than each other.
You can go with any depending on the slot you have

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Basic different between 2 is both use different me thoda of communication while having same interface i.e. M.2.
Sata m.2 have sequential read and write speed is around 500mb/sec (varies brand to brand )
NVME m.2 have sequential read and write speed in range from 1500mb/s to 3500mb/sec depending on various factors like Nand flash, qlc, mlc, SLC etc…
But you need to check what does the m.2 slot supports it might support only any one type or can Support both…

Also, if you have 2 m.2 slots, make sure faster and most trusted ssd should go to the slot that is more towards CPU or practically towards top. The pcie lanes from the top m.2 generally goes directly to CPU while 2nd one goes to Chipset…