[Question] More Cores or Higher Clock Speed Which is Better?


Hello members,

When looking at CPU’s what is more important and better Higher clock speed or more cores.

For example, is a 2 ghz quad core better than a 4 ghz dual core?

There are many different factors, however GHz provides an indication of how powerful the core is. Usually, the higher GHz the better performance - although in some instances, a processor might perform better with multi-core usage, while a processor might perform better with single-core usage.

It depends on when you see it and what purpose is it. We still see some applications taking advantage of multicore distributing multiple tasks to be performed in parallel at the same time. Where as other application like games perform actions sequentially and so the number of cycles are more important.

Now looking at availability of more cores more often the developers develop the application to take advantage of parallel and sequential task execution.

So you need to check what the use is and how the application you use will utilize the cpu, that will give a better answer of what is “BETTER FOR YOU” .

E.g 4c CPU with 4.5 ghz good for gaming and 8c CPU with 3.5ghz will perform rendering better and 6c CPU with 4ghz will be a good choice if you don’t exactly know what fits your need and will be a little balanced.