[Question] Should I Install 64-bit OS or 32-bit?


Hello members,

My specs are Intel i3 3220 Processor MSI H61M-P20 G3 MoBo 4 GB DDR3 Ram (Will add One more 4 GB Ram stick to it in upcoming month) Sapphire ATI HD 5450 DDR3 1GB Graphics card .

Now please tell me Should I install 64 bit or stick with 32 ? All Programms I use are available in 64 bit also. I personally feel like 32 bit OS is bit slower .

64 bit is what you need to have now to run most modern applications/software/games. In addition, 32 bit OS limits you to 4gb ram which further limits your ability to run many applications. There are some older applications that may only run on 32 bit OS but they are in the far minority.