[Question] Should i pay for Antivirus or Free Antivirus is enough to provide good protection?


Hello members,

I want to ask should i pay for antivirus or Free antivirus is enough to provide good protection?

Okay, let me Explain it for you :-

                 {Free Antivirus}

1.Free Antivirus provides you limited & basic features, Free version only protects system from viruses and does not fulfill your requirements.
2.Free version has Minimal Protection.
3.Basic features such as scanning for presence of viruses are notified the user.

                  {Paid Antivirus}

1.Paid Antivirus provides you more features like Firewall, Wireless protection, Sandbox.
2.Paid version has Improved protection.
3.More advanced features such as identity theft protection, firewalls, parental controls, and system performance tools are available in paid versions.
4. They are in No.1 Updates priority list of Antivirus companies (Some Companies release Virus definitions firstly for their Paid users and then for Free users).
5. Good Technical support.