[Question] Should I wait for DDR5 RAM for an upgrade?

Hello members,

Thinking about buying a high end PC but is it worth to wait for DDR5 or just go with DDR4? because if DDR5 releasing in 2020 then it is “a waste of money”?!

What do you guys think, DDR5 is supposed to be released in late 2020, I do know that it will take a bit longer for the consumer grade hardware to be available tho, what do you think, will the difference be substantial enough to be worth the wait?

Ddr5 is probably gonna launch in 2021 when intel comes up with a new architecture and socket. It’s also a year after AM4 cpus aren’t getting made anymore supposedly so AMD is also gonna have a new socket and stuff and it’s a great time to swap ram too but i’m pretty sure DDR5 isn’t gonna be on the consumer platform for atleast a couple more years, and it also definitely should not be the deciding factor.