[Question] Which LAN cable should i buy Cat5e or Cat6?


Hello members,

I was looking at buying Ethernet cables for my pc and I saw cat 5e and cat 6. I was just wondering what is the main difference between them and why I would need cat 6 over cat 5e.

Not all networks can support the higher speed of Cat6 cables. If your devices don’t support 10Gb networking, using a Cat 6 cable won’t be any faster than Cat5e. Your router needs to support it too, to take full advantage, so make sure that your network is up to scratch if you want the full Cat6 experience.

But Cat6 is entirely backwards compatible. So even if you can’t get the full speed of Cat6, you can still use the cables. They’ll just run at a slower rate. The price difference between CAT5e and CAT6 is not high and it is usually a good idea to opt for the better quality cable, thus preparing the network infrastructure and performance for the near future.