[Question] Will excess heat damages the internals of Laptop?


Hello members,
One of our community member is using Lenovo Legion Y740 but his laptop is heating too much these days. He is just worried if this excess heating may damage his Laptop internals. What are your suggestions members? Advance thanks!!

bro u can use branded laptop cooling pad. like Deepcool Multicore X6 Notebook Cooler Pad…
my friend using it… & it’s cost u near 2k.

it improves the heating issue.


The thing is that excess heat destroys the internal components life … so its very necessary to dissipate the heat out of the chassis of the laptop so there are a few things you can do,

  1. Replace your thermal paste with high quality and conductivity ones like thermal grizzly , if possible use Thermal grizzly conductonot [Liquid Metal].
  2. Undervolt your CPU using intel extreme tuning utility … there will be something for AMD too … just hit a minor undervolt and gradually increase it while stress testing your CPU to know the crash point.
  3. Use a cooling pad having 5 fans … I use cosmic byte 5 fan pad for my acer predator helios 300.

yes u can change ur thermal past it will help
but it will avoid ur laptop warranty. & and try to buy good brand thermal paste…

Nice to see your replies member @Suyog9999 & @Jatin :+1:

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