[Question] Will UPS run without battery?


Hello members,

I have any old ups " vguard slender plus 600" its battery is dead and tried to reuse the battery but no use. Thus i got an idea that can i run my ups without battery. In our country the voltage fluctuation is a major problem, if i can run the ups without battery it would protect my electronic devices.

Thank you in advance

Without a battery it will only offer minimal protection and probably only the surge only side of the UPS will function. Without a battery you will not get line conditioning, so for example it will not be able to prevent any issues resulting from a voltage drop or power outage, all you’ll have is basic surge protection.

It’s like using refrigerator as shoe rack once it’s compressor is dead… A simple spike guard will do the job what this ups without battery can do… This ups will take more space, less sockets to extend etc…

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a ups is not a ups without a battery
hope you underdstand

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