Ryzen 7 5700G 3 Desktop APU significantly faster than Ryzen 7 4750G

Now, benchmarks of a retail version of the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G have leaked out. The AMD Ryzen 7 5700G will feature 8 cores and 16 threads. The clock speeds are reported at a 3.8 GHz base and a 4.6 GHz boost. The CPU will have a total of 16 MB L3 and 4 MB L2 cache with the TDP being set at 65W. The APU will also carry a Vega integrated GPU with 8 CUs or 512 stream processors running at clock speeds around 2.1 GHz. In comparison to the Ryzen 7 4750G, the single-core performance in CPU-Z is 16% faster and 13% faster in multi-core performance. In Cinebench R20, the 5700G managed to achieve a multi-core score of 6059 points. The launch date is currently unknown.

Credits: wccftech.com

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