Sony announces PS5 event for 16th September(17th September as per IST)

Sony is holding a special PlayStation 5 event next week. It’s also likely we’ll get a release date and price for the PlayStation 5. Microsoft was originally planning to announce its Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X launch plans and pricing next week, before the $299 price of the Series S leaked. Sony opened up pre-registration for PS5 preorders last month, but the company still hasn’t shared date for official preorders or pricing and release date information. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console is priced at $499, but Sony will provide two prices for both its disc-less digital edition PS5 and the regular PS5. We could be about to witness some competitive next-gen pricing, especially given Microsoft’s $299 Xbox Series S. This event will take place at 1:30 am IST.


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i think the price will be very very close to xbox series x, let see what happes :slight_smile:

hopefully bro