Sony’s next-gen console is here

After so much anticipation, Sony has finally unveiled its successor to the PS4 series of gaming consoles. The new PS5 series features a futuristic-looking design and will come in two variants, one with a traditional optical disc drive and the other in a ‘Digital Edition’. Both the models come with a futuristic-looking design with one featuring a traditional optical disc drive and the second, a ‘Digital Edition’. We expect that the Digital Edition will retail at a lower price point than the traditional one but the pricing is yet to be revealed by Sony. The system specs were revealed back in the month of March, but to recap, it will be powered by a custom AMD Zen 2 octa-core CPU with integrated AMD RDNA 2 graphics. This will be good for producing 10.28 teraflops of performance, which is less powerful than the Xbox Series One X console. However, the PS5 also features proprietary SSD storage which is faster than the Xbox Series One X.