[Suggestions] Pc accessories info

Hey guys
I want to know which accessories pc you guys like buy or think is required example headphone stand, usb hub etc.
(Just curious to know what tech enthusiasts people buy other than good keyboard, mouse and headphone )
P.S don’t reply mouse pad
I wanted to know uncommon accessories

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Keyboard - Corsair K95
Mouse - glorious model o
Headphones - corsair virtuoso RGB wireless
Mousepad - spinbot xxl

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Few that people do buy, not all by same person but different people need different things like a music composer/enthusiast will have different set, video artist wil have different, designers will have different set…

Graphics tab
Usb hub
Wireless charger
Woofer system (2.1, 5.1, 7.1)
Monitor stand
Card reader


@Siddharth_Nandanwar sorry dude you didn’t got my question
I am not asking which brand or model you guys have of keyboard ,mouse ,etc
My question is which uncommon pc accessories u guys buy like usb hub or headphone stand etc

@Abhizit_m thank you for the information if u know more things , I would like to discover them too

Sure I will be adding the list as I remember or discover things…

KVM switch for usb and HDMI( both are generally different)

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Great :+1: