TikTok caught collecting Mac Addresses


As per a report from the Wall Street Journal, TikTok had been silently collecting Mac addresses from Android users to track them. This was against TikTok’s own privacy policies.TikTok has collected millions of unique identifiers through this method, over a period of 18 months, without users even being aware of it. This only stopped in November 2019, as per the Wall Street Journal.TikTok gathers the same amount of data that any other social network or advertisement company like Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter capture. The company has refused to share any details except that its current version of the app does not capture Mac addresses. Google declined to comment on the incident as to how TikTok went unnoticed for a long time while collecting data that it wasn’t allowed to. Meanwhile, there have been no reports of TikTok capturing Mac addresses on iOS.

Credits: https://wccftech.com