[Troubleshoot] How to Fix a Computer That Turns on but Displays Nothing?


Hello members,

I have been trying to built a little pc out of components that i have removed from my gaming PC. i built it yesterday, but when i turn it on, the fans and lights all come on but no display or usb usage is there.

Any help would be great, thanks

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Start by checking all your cables: Motherboard power; CPU power; GPU power. Next, remove the ram and put it back in so that it “clicks”, same with the GPU. Forget the motherboard video outs unless you have a CPU with built in graphics.

Check Your VGA/HDMI Cable
Check That you have connected right connectors on Motherboard.
I had same problem, in my case there was defect with my Psu that was making my motherboard No Bios issues.

I send Motherboard to service center
And did a test bench with different PSU. It worked.

It mainly happens with me also … This happens because of carbons present in ram …always I do that take out ram and rub the main parts of ram with an eraser … Keep in mind to do that gently … Now computer you can turn on computer and you can see that display is visible