[Troubleshoot] How to Fix CMOS Battery Failure Error?


Hello members,

I have been getting the following error messages while trying to boot my pc:-

1)cmos battery failure
2)cmos checksum error
3)cmos date and time not set

Its been a couple of days since i started receiving these messages.
I left my pc on overnight to recharge the battery,however my pc shut down
automatically.Afer 2-3 failed attempts to boot it,when it did finally power up,it was still unable to complete the system repair procedure,shutting itself down and then powering up again in a loop…

What could be the exact problem?
A faulty battery or a faulty power supply?or could my motherboard have been damaged?

Any help would be gladly appreciated.Thanks.

I will recommend changing the CMOS battery and see if that solves the problem. It might just be that the battery has run out after a long time. (Take the battery to the hardware store to make sure you buy the exact type, otherwise it will still result in an error.