[Troubleshoot] My WD Elements 1TB Hard Drive is not working on my Samsung TV!

Hello members,

Hi, I recently bought WD Elements 1TB portable external HD to use it with my Samsung TV. My Samsung TV is UN55D6000SFXZA and I use Windows 7 or 10 depending on my computers. My TV can read all other external HDD such as Seagate GoFlex and even WD Passport, but somehow it can’t read my new WD Elements. I tried with both NTFS and FAT32 format, but still it is not working. I hear static noise and see the light from HD, but it can’t be read at all on my TV. By the way, it works fine with my laptops in either formats. Can anybody please help me to solve this issue?

I’d suggest that you open Disk Management and check if the drive is using GPT and if it is click with the right mouse button on it and select “convert to MBR disk” (or vice versa). You should backup any important data which you might have on it (if you’ve written anything), before you do that. Then give it a go with the TV, to see if the drive is recognized.