[Troubleshoot] Pc beeps after installing new cpu


Hello members,

After installing new CPU, upon pressing power button I got no display with 5 repeating beeps, tried to put the g630 back in, got the same results.


Motherboard-Foxconn 2ABF
Old CPU-Intel G630
New CPU-Intel i7-2600k

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Hello member @Kryptix65, nice to see your first post at our community. We will definitily help you on this.
Let us share your query within our community. Thanks for the patience :slightly_smiling_face:

Try below one by one.

  1. Insert pentium and boot. Update your motherboard bios to latest. Then try the i7 - 2600k processor
  2. If the above don’t work then u have to insert a video card to get display. Because most of the k series processor does not give output on onboard vga or hdmi. U have to insert a GPU.
  3. If the above 2 does not work after updating bios then last remove the cmoa battery. Wait 10 to 15 second.insert cmos again( this will reset the bios to default )

Try above 3 and then let us know if any success

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Have you checked the motherboard for any damage?

You should closely inspect the CPU socket for any bent pins.
Is the 4 pin EPS 12V CPU power connector plugged in properly?

5 beeps on AMI BIOS = CPU error.

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Nice to see your first post member @Tushar22 and your suggestion. Keep it up :+1: