[Troubleshoot] Pc shupdown during stress test

Hey guys, one of friend is having a issue regarding pc
His pc shup down when he does stress tests (cinebend,3dmark and heaven ) but when he plays game it works properly
He owns a ryzen 7 3700x and rtx2060super
Hope guy can help :sweat_smile:

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I think either he is doing stress test on super overclock speed (like if 4.0 is his clock speed right now, then he must be running it on 4.5 stress test which kills it)
Or you are doing the wrong stress test (wrong cpu)
I don’t know much about stress test. But his Mobo can also be an issue (or overheating does a shutdown too sometimes)

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Looks like CPU and GPU are pulling more voltage than what the system delivers…
Now when he games check how much CPU and GPU is being utilized… CPU is not much used up in gaming… and mostly just single or few cores are pulling power…

When running benchmarks all cores pull power and doesn’t get what is needed…

  1. try upgrading PSU
  2. Try undervolting CPU
  3. Stop doing these benchmarks if everything is running well normally…
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@Chittaarth thanks for reply.
He owns a msi x570 tomohawk Mobo and his cpu was at stoct settings
He doesn’t know to overclock and I changed the thermal paste for heating issue

@Abhizit_m he benchmarked because he bought the system just a week ago and wanted to compete with my overclocked ryzen 5 3600 , but his benchmark never finished

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Try installing your PSU in his system and try… if works then PSU issue…
2nd trial use his CPU in your system if it works well then mobbo issue…