[Troubleshoot] PC turns on for about few seconds, then turns off!


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I believe I have enough power to support the i7 and the rest of the build given this i7 doesn’t draw significantly more power than my previous i5-9400F. I’m just not sure what is causing the issue.

CPU: i7-9700k
Mobo: Asus MPG z390 gaming plus
PSU: Cooler master 800w atx power supply

Follow the steps below:-

1 - Remove the motherboard battery for 5 minutes, put it back and restart.

2 - Try booting with one stick of RAM at the time.

3 - Make sure the CPU power connector is plugged in correctly as well as the 24 pins motherboard connector.

4 - The CPU may be overheating, so it shuts down your PC to protect it.

Same thing happened to me today. I was trying a gpu I had lying around out of alienware x51… I think it’s GTX 745M idk I forgot exact name… I tried to plug it in and tried to run but the computer lights all up for like 1 sec and then die immediately then nothing happens. Tried my current card MSI RX 570 and that boots up without any problem so I guess it’s the card fault like it’s dead right? Or could be something else?

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