[Troubleshoot] Why is my WiFi speed considerably slower than Ethernet?


Hello members,

I have new router Tenda W303R. I connect the my laptop with ethernet and the internet speed is fast, but with wireless is to slow, even if it is right next to router . Pls help!

Usually there are 2 reasons why your wireless would be slower. If you are not getting good signal, like your far away. That does not seem to be your problem as you said it happens even when you are right next to the router. Another reason is the wireless frequency band you are using (2.4ghz) is crowded with other peoples signals. When you use your laptop to connect do you see many other networks from others? At my house I can see 30 other networks. So even when I get all bars for signal strength the connection is still slow. Best thing to do then is to change to another frequency band, like 5ghz.

i recommend you to connect through LAN cable Or 5 GHz wireless connection